Ten choice pics

Number 10/10

1994, just before New Years, Mount Sinai, Sinai peninsula, Egypt. I have nothing much to say about this one. It was my first time to do the hike up to the summit, here during daytime, later I’d do the night hike, twice, to see the sun rise over Saudia Arabia on the other side of the Red Sea. And feel temperatures rise from around -10°C to +25°C within half an hour or so. Back then, the summit was calm. A small chapel, a beduin tent (i.e. a large, thick woollen cloth as a cover against anything, sun, wind, nuclear bombs perhaps). That was it. The people in the picture were travel companions. I had met Alex (I think that was his name), the guy on my left, in Jerusalem, and he was of the three of us when we got beaten up there. The girl was from Switzerland, the others I don’t quite remember any details. If you’re out there on Facebook, gimme a shout!

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