About me

Welcome to Vuyogo!

I write about traveling and whatever else I find is worth sharing of my life’s journey. Although my native tongue is German, English is my second home, linguistically speaking, and it is the one which all of my friends share. Hence the choice of English as a medium here. I may write something in German though, but I’m certainly not planning on translating or re-writing everything in a second language.

I chose the title Vuyogo, which is inspired by the !Xhosa word vuyo for ‘joy’ or ‘rejoice’. (For a numerological reading click here) My friend Vuyi gave it to me as a nickname when we first met at the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi in 2014. And I’m happy to use it as my nickname 😉 (for instance here), in addition to other nicknames, such as Drik – which is an all-too obvious pun on my real name, Dirk.

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