Take leaf

The bride stands clad in colourful dress
Succulent of summer’s sumptuousness
A white wedding’s been decreed

With her stands yet another bride
And hundreds more, all side by side
A poised proud softly waving fleet

And at their feet, a colourful carpet
Awaits the bridegroom’s gentle step
When he a gentle flake from heaven falls

And joins the last leaf they each sprouted
Shaped and coloured by the cloud-head’s
Luscious blessings from above

For them life flows and flows and flows
And so that each and each and each one grows
No taking is there, nor no greed

Because each taking is a giving there,
And the given be a taken where
A dead body’s but another seed

Come winter, then, embrace in white
Your brides, who know but one virginal rite,
To stand expectant for the billionth time

To emboss their shape on your embrace
To celebrate death’s life, life’s death as signs of grace
To be wholly thine when you are theirs

And serenade them in quiet white song
And add another ring for another year gone
Almost, gone, almost. All must.


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